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November 14, 2012 / owexelstein

Creativity Exchange Fife

Last week I attended the first Creativity Exchange Fife which was organised by Fife’s Creative Learning Network.  The event was opened up by Ken Greer (Fife’s Executive Director of Education) who spoke about the importance of developing creativity with the young people we work with.  He spoke a lot about the work of Sir Ken Robinson and in particular mentioned the RSA video Changing Education Paradigms (see below)

It’s also worth watching his TED talk Do schools kill creativity?

One statement that Ken made which I feel is very relevant as schools strive towards delivering a Curriculum for Excellence “Creativity is not subject specific”.  This was certainly apparent in the next part of the session which saw all the attendees sitting at 10 tables where the presenters had 10 minutes to deliver their presentation before we moved onto the next table.  Jon Gill (@onthesuperfly)  has written a great blog post where he described it as Creative Speed Dating.

I certainly enjoyed the format because often when you go to conferences you only get to select a few workshops, it’s usually difficult to know which ones to select.  Each presentation was only 10 minutes so if you were sitting at one you weren’t really interested in you weren’t there for long (this didn’t happen in my case because I thought all the presentations were excellent).  At the end of the conference there was a networking opportunity so if there was a presentation that you wanted to find out more about you could go and speak to the presenters themselves.

Fife’s Creative Learning Network have produced a lovely publication called Creativity in Learning: Fife which has details of the workshops that were available and contact details for each of the presenters.  You can download a PDF version here.

For teachers in Fife who would like to find out more and/or join Fife’s Creative Learning Network click here. (password required)

For teacher’s not in Fife but would still like to find out more click here for the public blog.

I came away from the event feeling very inspired and look forward to the next one with great anticipation.


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